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About Colour Therapy

Bringing light to a darkened world

Colour Therapy is the ancient art of holistic healing using the energy of light and colour in various forms to assist a number of physical and emotional disorders and balance the body's natural energy centres.

Apart from the physical benefits, colour can also affect our moods. Using colour either visually, physically or psychologically there can be a shift of mood and removal of blocked energy, enabling the body to relax and heal itself internally.

Before the use of drugs, colour therapy, along with other holistic therapies, was used as a healing for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Its roots are based in the ancient civilisations of Egypt, Persia, China and India, and continues to receive recognition in Ayurvedic medicine today

Egypt, Persia, China and India
Barbara Ewing

About Barbara Ewing

Barbara is a qualified colour therapist with over 17 years of experience. Within her qualification she has completed an Anatomy & Physiology diploma, Crystallography, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Ayurvedic courses. 
Throughout her years of practice, she has continued to add to her knowledge of the physical and biological cellular behaviour, with many recommendations as to the effectiveness of her work.
Her natural curiosity and interests have led to astounding irrefutable findings.
Over the years with extensive research, she has discovered unimaginable answers to thought provoking questions. It is down this rabbit hole she invites you to join her.

Colour therapy

There are various tools that can apply colour energy both physically and psychologically. The ancient civilisations observed how the different colours, when applied to various areas of the body, affected the organs beneath and developed what has become known as the chakra system. 
They also used numerology, symbolism, animals, astronomy and mathematics to develop various ways of defining personality traits. Down through the centuries, many people have used these various methods in different ways. Whichever method is preferred, they all reach the same conclusion in observation of these ancient arts.  
The coloured light rooms of Egypt and Greece are well-documented as a means of healing, and today some professional healthcare establishments build sensory rooms for adults and children with learning difficulties. Research has shown that colour and light encourages psychological interaction where language may fail.
It is also well known that Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) is greatly improved with the use of full spectrum light boxes. 

The Scientific Facts

Colour is energy and contained within visible light which sits between infra-red and ultra-violet on the electro-magnetic spectrum.
All energy on that spectrum affects the body at cellular level to varying degrees. Each colour’s frequency and vibration is unique and affects our cellular programming.
Our brain responds to colour vibration and ‘sends messages’ to our endocrine & nervous systems to release or inhibit chemical release, thereby affecting our bodies at cellular level.
Colour therapy utilises different tools to correct negative energy blockages and balance the body’s natural frequencies.

Colour spectrum