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How Colour Therapy Works

Colour therapy stimulates the body's own healing processes by regenerating and re-balancing cellular behaviour. 

Colour therapy

It restores the delicate balance of the vibrational electro-magnetic coloured energy within the body.
Our body has seven main energy centres. Beneath these energy centres, every cell and organ in the body vibrates at a particular frequency. Exposure to light and colour can affect changes and realign energy levels, which in turn, enable the body to 'heal' itself and keep it in good health.
Colour therapy can nourish the physical cells and organs and influence our moods utilising the five senses.
It works alongside conventional medicine. It should be stated that it is NOT AN ALTERNATIVE to orthodox medicine, particularly for serious medical conditions.

Our energy centres are like cogs or wheels in a clock or engine. In order for the clock to keep time or the engine to run smoothly, each cog and wheel needs to be in balance for the whole to work properly.

If our energy centres are imbalanced, our bodies will be out of sorts and not function properly. If we regularly balance our energy centres, our bodies will be finely-tuned and healthy, which in turn, will keep us both emotionally and physically fit.

Stress-related illnesses are the result of blocked energy. If stress is not addressed at source, it will result in a physical ailment from minor problems to major illnesses. Colour therapy aims to de-stress and rebalance the energy centres before the body manifests these problems.


Chakra Energy Clearing | Crystal Therapy

Here at Moonstone Light we use crystal therapy to quicken the process of chakra cleansing and clearing. 

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Body Balancing

Body balance enables you to maintain a healthy immune system. Without a healthy immune system, one is prone to develop physical issues from minor to major health problems. 

Mental Health

In today’s frenetic world, stress and strain are commonplace and anxiety is the ‘norm’. The toll this takes on individuals’ mental and physical health is now being finally revealed on a much larger scale. 

Spiritual Development

To many, spiritual development may strike a chord with religious beliefs. However, there is a vast difference between religion and spirituality.