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Therapy Prices

Introductory Therapy

    Do you know why you have certain behavioural patterns that either serve you well or hinder you? 
    Do you have habits you find impossible to break?
    Did you know your date of birth is akin to your thumbprint - unique to you?
    In just 30 minutes either remotely or in person, you can find the answers to these questions via a Colour Numerology Reading

Just £10

Chakra Energy Clearing | Crystal Therapy

Here at Moonstone Light we use crystal therapy to quicken the process of chakra cleansing and clearing. 

Price:£25 per session

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Body Balancing

Body balance enables you to maintain a healthy immune system. Without a healthy immune system, one is prone to develop physical issues from minor to major health problems. 

Price:Course of 5 one hour sessions £75

Mental Health

In today’s frenetic world, stress and strain are commonplace and anxiety is the ‘norm’. The toll this takes on individuals’ mental and physical health is now being finally revealed on a much larger scale. 

Price:First consultation FREEFollow-up treatment £35 ph

Spiritual Development

To many, spiritual development may strike a chord with religious beliefs. However, there is a vast difference between religion and spirituality. 

Price:6 personalised sessions£125